SASCO stands vehemently opposed to any dictatorship raising its ugly head anywhere in the globe. It becomes exceptional when such is happening right behind our door and there is deafening silence from the South African government. This in our view, is an erosion of the fundamental principles and values of our national democratic revolution.

As an organisation we condemn the arrest of the President of the Swaziland National Union of Students Comrade Colani Maseko, who is currently arrested and tortured. Meanwhile his fellow Comrades are charged with trumped up charges of sedition and malicious damage to property by the illegitimate Mswati III aligned judicial system.

As the revolutionary student movement in South Africa, we unashamedly stand in solidarity with the oppressed people of eSwatini because before we are students, we are members of communities. SASCO is of the view that the overall problems afflicting the Swaziland society including students emanates from the autocratic tinkhundla regime.

It’s therefore on those basis that we wish to continuously call upon all students in Swaziland to take it upon themselves to rise across all corners of the country in calling for the release of President Colani Maseko and all others whose whereabouts remain unknown. Moreover, we call upon all of them, across institutions of higher learning to further intensity their call for democracy in the land of their forefathers.

We not with disdain the lukewarm approach by our South African government on the violation of fundamental human rights in Swaziland such as the right to life, freedom of expression, freedom of movement and others as disappointing. There is no need to watch as the King and his cronies pillage, plunder and siphon out of the country the wealth of the Swazi people while more than 65% of the people live below the international poverty datum line. It’s our considered view that our government must facilitate a peaceful transition to a dispensation envisaged by the people of Swaziland in their majority.

We have not forgotten that comrade Amos Mbedzi, a former MK combatant and commander is rotting away in Mswati’s prison together with recently arrested members of parliament Mduduzi Bacede Mabuza and Mthandeni Dube. We remain unapologetic when we make the call for the release of all political prisoners, unbanning of political parties, and the unconditional return of exiles.

Issued by SASCO

Bamanye Matiwane

Buthanani Thobela
Secretary General

For Enquiries

Luvuyo Barnes
Media & Communication Liaison
+27 (65) 358-5412

FB: SASCO National | T: SASCONational | IG: SASCO_National

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