The South African Students Congress (SASCO) condemns in the strongest terms possible the burning of student residences in Durban and Pietermaritzburg by domestic terrorists which has been reported to have taken place today.

Education is by its nature a tool of liberation, which allows a person to liberate his or her life and equally the society, economy and socially. Antonio Gramsci once said the education should not be used as a tool to build machine but rather a man.

No conscious person would seek to liberate anyone by burning their source of development and liberation.

We call on law enforcement agencies to ensure that Law and Order is the order of the day and to do anything possible to protect the countries infrastructure against the current domestic terrorism.

We wish to categorise this failed attempt of a siege of peoples power for what it is and we call on the state to come down hard on the instigators who have tried to turn our society against the rule of law.

As SASCO we have been running a campaign to ensure more residences are built and that more student accommodation is availed as we are faced by a lack of student accommodation especially for TVET college students who have very few, if any, residences .

We condemn this reckless and criminal actions within the context of students having been allowed to stay at their residences as a means to curb the spread of the virus and contain movement. Such actions undermine our collective efforts against the spread of the virus and also pose a very really danger to students who could have been hurt during these acts of vandalism, terrorism and criminality.

SASCO calls on all students to remain vigilant and focused on the task at hand, isolate the terrorists using our people’s plight for their own criminal activities, narrow their space of mobilisation by refusing to partake in this attempt to siege peoples power from the people. We shall overcome as a people.

Peoples Power for Peace!!!
Free Education In Our Lifetime!!!

Issued by SASCO

Bamanye Matiwane

Buthanani Thobela
Secretary General

For Enquiries:

Luvuyo Barnes
Media & Communication Liaison
079 393 7131

FB: SASCO National | T: SASCO_National | IG: SASCO National

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