The South African Student’s Congress  (SASCO) is set to convene a special  National  Executive  Committee (NEC)  meeting from the 23-24 September 2018 at  Elijah Bagayi training Centre, Midrand.

This Special  NEC Meeting is convened on account of section 14 (5) of the  SASCO  constitution to deal with challenges confronted by the organisation both internally and externally and all concerns raised by PECs and members of SASCO in general. The special NEC meeting is also due to take stock of the various Higher Education transformative and transformational discourses within an evolving and changing atmosphere affected by global digitization.

The  Special  NEC is expected to amongst other things to discuss and make thorough pronouncements regarding the deviation from targeted electoral and popular votes during the recent student Representative  Council(SRC) across the board. Consequently, the meeting will further extrapolate from the available data and information in order to develop clear projections and forecasts towards regaining the ground lost.

The special NEC  is also expected to discuss ideological orientation and capacity building program of action and the subsequent launch of SASCO  political schools across all provinces to intensify political education and capacitate our membership in preparation for the battles that lie ahead.

The special NEC meeting will also preliminarily review  the progress of “renew, modernize and reposition”  with an attempt to revitalize and reinvigorate its strategic implementation to re-anchor and re-prioritize our organisational renewal within the current prevailing epoch.

It is also our strongest point of view that TVET  higher education sector, is the most valuable sector to upskill young people and unlock economic opportunities for the toiling masses of our people. The NEC will exhaustively discuss the challenges faced by students in the TVET sector. Given its uniqueness, the TVET sector will be a subject for discussion in the pursuit to find long-lasting solutions and also pay a considerable time to review branch activism of SASCO and its ability to attend to students issues in the sector.

It is our considered conviction that the unity of the organisation is sacrosanct  to the livelihood of the organisation but not at the expense of revolutionary discipline. Therefore, collective wisdom and harmonious articulations are due to crystallize and ventilate  the collective interest of the organization and closing ranks against vigilantism and any attempts to create parallel structures.

The Special NEC Meeting will also receive an address from both the ANC and SACP on the unity of purpose.


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Issued on Behalf of SASCO NEC

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Avela  Mjajubana
SASCO  President

Cell: 078 253 8406

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