We as the South African Students Congress (SASCO) National Executive Committee (NEC) convened a special NEC on the 23rd and 24th of September, under the constitutional provision of Section 14, subsection 5, to discuss numerous grievances brought to our attention.

The Special NEC received and heard grievances mainly relating to the conduct of the SG and the DSG. The nature of the grievances brought to our attention were the roles played by the SG and the DSG in the creation of parallel structures specifically in Fort Hare University and the subsequent disqualification of SASCO from the UKZN SRC elections.

The SGO has arrogated itself into becoming a structure of SASCO, this is evidenced by the disregard of constitutional structural decisions with reference to a parallel submission in UNISA NSRC, causing disunity and divisions in the organization, and disempowering the fighting capacity of the organization.

The NEC believes that these acts undermine the efforts to stabilize and unite the organization in a bid to restore SASCO’s credibility and bring back SASCO to its former glory. This is in the backdrop of our SRC election campaigns throughout the country, hence we felt a speedily and concerted effort should be made to resolve the issues brought before the attention of the NEC.

After the laborious and substantive engagement, the NEC resolved that the best course of action was the suspension of the SG and the demotion of the DSG pending an organizational disciplinary process. This decision was not taken lightly and was taken in what the NEC unanimously felt would be the best course of action for unity and create an unimpeded environment for the disciplinary committee.

In the spirit building unity and cohesion, the NEC resolved that the SG and DSG must undergo a political rehabilitation program to be led by SASCO NEC, Convocation and various MDM structures. The NEC further resolved that Cde Moiponi Mhlongo and Cde Simphiwe Joja will have administrative responsibility of the SG and the DSG, respectively, until the issue has been brought to finality.

SASCO as a democratic organization believes in the culture of debate and understands the importance of divergent views in building genuine unity and cohesion. However, our differences must never be a catalyst to the collapse of the organization and subsequently handing power to the opposition.

The special NEC also received input from the DSG of the SACP, with a core emphasis on building unity and cohesion in the student movement as an expressed motive force for peoples power. The input reminded us of the central role that the student movement should play in changing the lives of our students on campus and ensuing the holistic transformation to best represent the aspirations of our people.

The NEC resolved to start rollout a political education program throughout the country by mid-October. At the centre of our political work will be the rejuvenation of SASCO in the TVET sector.

The NEC reflected on the recent outcomes of SRC elections and acknowledged the work that still needs to be done. Those campuses we have lost must not become despondent and must reflect honestly on the work that they must do to win back the confidence of students on their campuses.

Those institutions we have won, must not become complacent and must serve student without fear or favour. The NEC further resolved to deploy NEC members to all provinces to assess the strength and weaknesses of our structures towards the unity program of the organization.

The responsibility to lead is not bestowed on all of us, but to those that must carry themselves as an expression of a society we are to become. It is not our challenges that define us but our commitment in times when commitment may be harder than docility.

SASCO to the front.
Peoples Education for Peoples power

Issued on behalf of SASCO NEC by:
Avela Mjajubana

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