A LIFE CUT SHORT: My Deputy President, My Internationale, My Comrade


Buyile Matiwane upon getting to varsity Buyile could have just focused on his studies and maybe join any other club and society (organization) that exists inside campus but he chose to join the PYA. Buyile chose to carry student’s troubles and problems, he chose to be in the front line of championing students interests by virtue of joining the South African Student Congress. He did not just stop at that he decided to capacitate himself, he chose to learn more about the Student Congress and to also take up space and leading it.

Our role as activists in campuses should not just stop at wearing our regalia and standing in groups, we should strive at making a difference in the lives of students that we lead it should actually be the centre of our existence. If there are still students who end up sleeping in toilets in the beginning of the year and we know nothing about them we should know that something is wrong we should be a safe space for all students of the working class. Our existence as activists in institutions must bring about change. Buyile has played his role and touched and changed lives of many that he came across, now it is time for us to do our level best and make a difference in the lives of Students it is our time to champion student issues.

Farewell my friend, my brother and my fellow comrade Deputy President you’re leaving us in time where we need you most, where our revolution is under attacked. You were an inspiration to many if not all, and u will be missed, you shared so many knowledge with us but it wasn’t enough as  u left us to soon while we were still learning from you cdr DP, You brightened up my day when u speak, you brought me so much eager to learn and know more.

With your kindness and loving ways you lifted most of our spirit when we felt blue no matter what was happening, you knew just what to do, we ran between the raindrops, and walked beneath the sun, through all the ups and downs of life and even of our political organisation, in good times and the sad times.

God is here to take you home my comrade, now you and I must part ways, I love you, and forever you will live within my heart and others, we will always celebrate your precious life and remember you with all the good things you did for the movement, but you know what they say, God only takes the best.

Everything happens for a reason, even if we may not agree, just promise to look after us, and if you can, save a spot up there for us, not forgetting to continue with the political classes up there for us.

Many tears I have seen and cried, they have all poured out like rain, I know that you are happy now cause you’re no longer in pain. For years on now that I know you, I remember you as an anchor and pillar of this gigantic organization and what you used to say, you made each of us smile and live to the fullest each day. They say in time it gets easier, I believe this isn’t true because even after all this time I still don’t have a clue, I was not ready to say goodbye.

Our comradeship is forever, until death did us apart, although you’re away physically, you’re always in my heart, I sit around and wonder, watch the days go by, I look at all the pictures and ask, why did you have to leave us so soon? You’ve always been there for the organization because you understood your role as a leader and you have always been there to champion the interest of students at all times. Your smiling, beautiful face, constructive engagement and criticism.

Delivered on behalf of the 21st NEC in Northern Cape Provincial Memorial.

*Cde Nkosana Jack*
NEC Member

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